What's popping back a yard - too much war in the streets


RichieSpice-reggae-music.jpgWhat a way the murder rate just start kick up so, dem kill four ah Montego Bay, war de a Red Hills Road ova gully work money, one accountant chop up him wife inna little pieces and stuff it inna one pit latrine inna the country. What a gwaan inna the little island? Right ya now, ah prayer ah do it, straight. One Psalm before mi go out and ah Proverbs when mi come in. If yu nah praise God inna dis ya time, it nuh mek no sense! Mi no know, Portmore, Spanish Town, crazy ting ah gwaan inna the business. Wha mi say! All these things!


What is going on in the Alliance? Will Kartel be on the 'Alliance' album next year?

Who dem yute de who get stab up a Ranny Williams Entertainment centre during the Wolmer's BBQ?

Did you know that Dyema fall and drop offa one box and sprain up har ankle wah day ya. How she ah go perform ah the show ah Black River this week?

Big up to the Fifth Element crew, mi hear say that Richie Spice video, 'Brown Skin' ah go get shot inna Miami. Wha happen to the brown-skinned Jamaican beauties fi the video?

What a way Iyla and Dyema dem a tek ova the dance scene? Where is Keiva and Michelle? Dem lost and caan be found? Right now, the Rural Garrison ah lead. All these things! The Drop Dead dance ah run the place.

Big up Mavado, yu mek the Fader magazine. Yu 'Weh Dem a Do' song de pon the Billboard, the whole ah Cassava Piece love yu, yu ting sort out. Gwaan my yute! Alliance fi life! When we ah go see the gyal-bum?

Big up Junior Reid, yu see him ah do 'Willie Bounce' pon the BET Hip Hop awards? Gwaan One Blood. Big up Baby Cham, yu nuh see the camera nuh stop focus pon him, dem love him!

KC and the face of MSN, Santalina did a song together called 'Shake'. Nickolodeon ah do a feature pon K.C., him have a massive billboard inna Kingston, him ah give Asylum an award for their anniversary. How KC so hype? Him all over the place, even pon the Anbell board ah New Kingston.

Special big up to Peter Morgan who performed at the Microsoft launch in Miami Beach of their latest product, the Zune portable player and music service which retails for $249.99. They are taking on Ipod and Itunes in a big way. Big up reggae music and the Morgan Heritage family.