Junior Reid gave a good performance alongside The Game - BET's Awards


JuniorRiedBETAwards.jpgDid you watch the BET's first Hip Hop awards last night? It appears that as Sizzla prophesied a few years ago, 'Wi (Rasta) Teking Ova'. Reggae artiste, Junior Reid did Jamaica proud when he performed alongside The Game, 'It's Okay (One Blood)'.
Wadda Blood, Junior Reid's son, confirmed that his father would be appearing alongside The Game.

"We're flying up today to get ready for the show, it's going to be a hyped performance, my father is excited about it," he told YardFlex.com last week before the show. "It's going to be hype."

And it was. Junior Reid delivered his part of 'One Blood' with bone-chilling power and energy. Baby Cham was also in attendance at the event.

'It's Okay' is the first single released for airplay only from The Game's sophomore album, The Doctor's Advocate, and generated major buzz in the streets when it was released.

The video has been riding television music countdown and has been getting a lot of positive response. The Game's 'It's Okay' song samples Junior Reid's "One Blood" and features Junior Reid himself. According to Reefa, the producer of the song, "One Blood" was mixed by Dogg Pound affiliated producer Mike Dean. Although it is not an official single, the music video was shot for the song, which debuted on BET on August 22, 2006.

The video features revised lyrics in order to accomodate television decency standards And features appearances by Juice, Ya Boy, Nu Jerzey Devil, DJ Skee and actor/singer Tyrese.