Wedding bells for Junior Gong?


damian-jr-gong-marley-married.jpgBig show keep a Bicentennial park ova the weekend inna South Florida. People, is between 12 to 15,000 people inna the venue. Jr. Gong ah perform pon the same bill as artiste like Common, Duran Duran, Gnarles Barkley, the place neva good again. People, the show gwaan inna Bicentennial park, the same place Scoffery keep him show and coulden cork it.

Big up Junior Gong, mi hear say yu a get married to the little Caribbean girl yu de wid. Mi love how yu mother grow yu, yu nah go have no yute outta street until yu get married. No kids out of wedlock, yu hear that Jamaica? Decent yute. Real royalty. Superstar genes. Ju-ju royal.


Everybody inna 'Bay ah whisper 'bout dis one. Jah Cure de ah prison but him have a son. Who is the mystery lady? Mi no ready fi tell yu dat yet. Mi tell yu say the whole argument no straight 'bout how dem prison the yute. Free up the man so him can see him son.


Stephen McGregor produce 'No Dash Weh No Belly' by Elephant Man which sample Gnarles Barkley big song. Respect to VP with the Strictly the Best 35, feat. Songs like Goodas, Hot Wuk, All Out from Sean, Wine by Alaine, Oku from Idonia, Hey from Jovi and mi love 'Gash Dem a Light Dem'. Big up Hunting by Bounty Killer, it well bad. But is the Strictly the Best 36 mi love outta the two. I love the 10 out of 18 songs, Always on My Mind, Gyptian song ah my song, and mi love 'Brown Skin', can I tell you? It end wid a wicked Della Manley song. Look out f idem two CD, mi get a pre-release and dem nice. Mi hear say Killa have some new song like 'Get It Back' weh ah come run the place, and now Merciless have a song ah diss up Killa and Beenie, right in time fi Sting 2006. Zebra have a new song him voice from Yu nuh hear the theme for this year Sting, 'Love and Happiness', no clash ting dis year, and mi hear say Mavado, Busy and Idonia plan fi do a ting


What is going on with Tanya Stephens, her album run up inna one concrete wall? Is Beres tour on for next year? Wha is goin on with Black Uhuru? Where is Tami Chynn's album? Universal, holla, let me know, people fly in from LA to hear album at resort hotel, and now one year, later, nothing? When Ninjaman ah come ah New York? Which artiste ah buy p____pon the back page of


Gwaan Keiva, yu ting sort out. Yu too Hollywood, mi hear say yu de pon the Walk of Fame inna LA ah walk up and down and den yu a turn 'roun cuss say yu nuh see your name. How yu so hot? Yu nuh reach dem status de yet, check yuself. Gwaan do yu ting, mi hear say yu de Fort Lauderdale ah do yu ting.


How the tax man ah rush the industry so? Mi hear say dem draw down pon a certain Mars yute, mi nah call no name. The government need money like how red peas need fire. Oonu watch oonuself. Yuh nuh see what happen to Wesley Snipes?


Big up Diana King, yu just celebrate a birthday. Hail up Jeremy Harding, when is the wedding date? Big up Mike Tyson sister, anywhere she de a foreign. Big up Larry from Royal Radio, Pum Pum Thursdays sell off. Big up Powermix Records, the Warner Brothers deal ah crash dem head. Mr. Vegas, yu career gone to the next level, 'Hot Wuk' ah run the place fi the Xmas. Big up, yu a hook up people like crazy ah foreign.