Vybz Kartel and D'Angel combination - could this signal a split in the Alliance?


By: Claude Mills
Photos by: Carlington Wilmot

What is going on in the Alliance?

D'AngelandVybzKartel_AddiTechaDancehall.jpgRumours of friction in the Bounty Killer-led camp are set to ratchet up to an insane level as the new combination song between Vybz Kartel a.k.a Addi De Techa and D'Angel has hit FM radio. Killer has been making derogatory comments about D'Angel, his former girlfriend, ever since she announced her engagement to Killer's lyrical nemesis, Beenie Man. It is not sure how Vybz Kartel's latest move will be construed by The Alliance.

The song is creating major buzz in the dancehall, especially as it could signal a split in the Alliance, as Kartel's move is being seen by some dancehall insiders as a "diss" of Bounty Killer.

The song, 'Baby Daddy', is produced by 'Arthur Wails' on the Klampute riddim.

"The deejay is just voicing songs right now, he is just working, this is music, he is a deejay, this is what he is doing, just working," Patrick 'Roach' Samuels, Kartel's manager, told YardFlex.com.

Kartel deejays: Hey baby, buss a mad wine fi Addi/ Cause u know u baby daddy/ U no tek di ladi dadi from any an anybody/Which gal no have no fair an a sleep wid di cabbi

However, she does take a swipe at the Killer, deejaying : Tell them I am safe and sanctified/Mi run weh the waste boy/Find a real mckoy/I'm giving birth to a life.

"Me and Kartel ah friend fi life," D'Angel, who celebrated the birth of her first child, Marco Dean, just last week. She was married to Beenie Man, Bounty Killer's long-time musical nemesis, in August of this year.

"He recorded his part and then I recorded mine. Is not like we coulden work together, but because of time constraints, he did his part, I went and did my part, and now it is on everybody's lips," she told YardFlex.com

"I did it at the ninth hour, just before I went in. And I plan to do a video as soon as possible...in fact it will be my first video when I am back, I will also have a new image, so everybody can look out for that, it not going to be normal."