Tessane Chin's musical experience - "This is what I was made for"


By: Tessane Chin

Its been a year already and a hell of a ride.

TessaneChin_RockDancehallsinger.jpgWell where do I begin? My Name is Tessanne, My passion and every breath is music, all types of music, but especially the kind of music that leaves a message and gets yah thinking, The kind a music that lives on even when many many years have passed, and basically that's the kind of music I wanna make, and with Yahwehs help I'll get there. I've been singing since forever and I pretty much knew all my life that this is what I was made for.

I've had some good experiences on the way, and some bad ones too but hey, all the best songs come from when yah feel like just calling it a day and crawling under some rock hahahah so everything for a reason, but to put everything in a nut shell right quick (cause I hate talking bout my self) I've toured with international reggae superstar and legend "Sir Jimmy Cliff" as his back up singer for about 2-3 years, Most of my fellow Jamaicans may know me as the lead singer from a rock reggae band called Mile High but that came to an end for me about a year and a half ago.

Soooooo, for a solid year I've practically buried myself in the studio with the best producer and yes, the best friend a girl could haveRudy Valentino. I also worked with one of the best drummers/producers in Jamaica, Paul Kastick,. I did the best I could to start working on music that was true to me, music that would move you, make yah think and music that would uplift ...and yes at times ....music that would blow yah God damn head off hahahahahaha!!!

Our type of music cannot be put in a box, it is a mixture of Reggae, Dancehall, Rock and Soul. All these types of music have touched me the most through my journey in music, soo ultimately when I wanted to make music that represented me, this came out! I hope I've succeeded in my efforts, and I pray that my music touches you in some way and if it don't (piss off!) joke! Thanks for listening anyway. For now I'm satisfied (for now) but eventually I know I'll be back in the studio with something else. So thanks for taking the time to visit My space, enjoy!!