Dancehall artiste Assassin steady and deadly - "Last year was a rough"


assassinDancehallartiste_sexygirls.jpgDeejay Assassin lives up to his name with unfailing accuracy. His musical moves have been calculated, versatile, deliberate, and deadly, and now that he's back from a smashing nine-week tour with the Penthouse family, dancehalls can again look forward to more smashers from the prolific deejay.

Ever since his mainstream emergence in 2001, Assassin has guaranteed his fans a steady string of chart toppers every single year and this year has been no different. Gully Sitten, Anyweh We Go, and Gangsta Rock have been ripping up the charts both in Jamaica and overseas, giving the deejay's argument of quality over quantity more credence.

He describes 2006 as a refreshing year with unique challenges. "Last year was a rough year on the personal side, so I never really got to revel in what was happening musically," he recalls. "I had a couple of number ones, made some progress cause we always want to find ourselves in a better position than what we were in the year before...we trying the father thing now, getting used to it, and even while being on the road now so many weeks, my tunes people a recognize them, so we have been doing good."

His tour spanned several states, and the love and respect he received from diverse audiences have made him understand the relevance of his approach to music.

"Being on the road yu learn seh it's not about 100 songs, it's some proper song to add to your catalogue and people can sing them constantly…material sticks around when there's substance to it and how people can relate to it. It must relate to people now and five year's time people must still can relate to it and love it still."

His studies in Business Management have also been going well. He has begun to appreciate the value of proper time management. "I have found that in my readings there are things that I can apply to things happening around me last week, last month, last year," he explains. "It's that type of study. I can manage it easily, and it's more understandable 'cause I can relate it. You can see exactly how it fits in the world, so we're going good and it should make me a better person, when I'm finished."

In five meteoric years, Assassin has climbed past scores of other deejays who all left the starting blocks with him. Many have fizzled and others have lost the focus they started with. Assassin's hunger and rock hard motivation for excellence however, have remained intact for a simple reason. "In my mind I have not made it's the love that's more important now than anything else. My love of the music is the motivation. It is clean, it's pure, it's sincere. From me a five year old I don't find myself with anything else in my life that gives the joy that music does. That's the motivation".

Despite the achievements however, the deejay feels there are still some hurdles left to clear. "In lyrical content there's always room to grow," he states. "To sing songs that give people cold bumps, to have the tunes standing the test of time, that would make me feel accomplished."

"I have some things that I listen to and feel I would like to try that. I would like sometime to experiment somewhat with tunes, tracks. When yu do that it shows you are on a next level with music, it shows experience."

Though he's just returned and the dust has not yet settled on his last album Infiltration, plans are advanced for another album, and he has started with a plan for recording his material.

"I will start adjusting the material to satisfy the local market, but at the same time can reach a man in Arizona or Colorado. It's not just about Asylum and Weddy Weddy anymore, it must can reach further. It's not a cross over thing, there's a way to do songs that satisfy the ghetto and overseas markets too. I'll be choosing the rhythms carefully for this one, so look for even better things."