Luciano drops Copeland Forbes as personal manager


Luciano-copelandForbes.jpgSinger Luciano, known for the mega-hits 'Sweep Ova My Soul' and 'It's Me Again Jah', has terminated the services of Copeland Forbes, head of Comar Productions, as his personal manager effective November 4, 2006. He will, however, retain Mr. Forbes' services as a booking agent and tour manager.

"Ever since Jah Messenjah has been on the road, Mr. Fobres has been my tour manager, 'Fattis' was my personal manager at the time...Mr. Forbes is an influential, important and busy man as the world can see...this is to add somebody to the Jah Messenjah movement, Mr. Forbes will be in charge, we have never operated under a contract for the past 13 years, so we realize that Mr. Forbes needs help, and that's why we have brought in someone else," Luciano, who is now on his 'Child of a King' promotional tour in the United States.

Luciano's new manager is Lewis Folkes a.k.a Sean, who is the head of a production label called JALPO and according to Luciano, "has many connections in American and other parts of the world".

"Any changes being made is for the better of Jah Messenjah and not to take away from anyone," Luciano said.

Has Mr. Forbes failed you as a manager?

'He has not failed me in I and I only fair to find someone to concentrate on the personal management aspect..I have always had a spiritual connection with Mr. Forbes, it is deeper than just business, and we share common bonds...I have no qualms working with Mr. Forbes."

For his part, Mr. Forbes, a 45 year veteran of the music industry, welcomed the move, saying that it gave him more free time to focus his energies on other projects.

"Luciano had been talking about making some changes, and he came over to my house and we had a meeting and sat down and discussed some things. One of the things he said was that a lot of my strength is in bookings and in live shows because I have a good contact around the world, so I will concentrate on bookings and another team will deal with the management side in terms of co-ordinating other things different from live concerts. The fact is that I had played the manager and booker right after previous management...after Xterminator, he had another manager, and I had to pick up the slack, and I've been doing it for the past nine is time for a change," Copeland Forbes told

"Next year is my 45th anniversary in the business, and I need to concentrate on my book, 'My Reggae, My Life', a book that will be very important to the industry because it will be a book that people will learn how tours are done, various artiste management skills and various things that have to do with the industry...three major publishers are bidding, so to speak, for the righst to that book."