What's popping - Why Kip Rich rushed Black-er


KipRich_DancehallReggaeMusicBlacker.jpgWha dat go down between Kip-o and Blacker? Kip-o's camp ah say Black-er violate because him want get a hype pon the RE High School tour. Him get a big forward two weeks ago so it mussi get to him head, and him run on up a St. Hugh's on Wednesday and start sing 'No Man Caan Mek You Pap Down' the song him have wid Kip-O, and mek the selector even a play Kip Rich part.

Mi hear say everybody cut up over it, and Kip Rich rush him backstage. Wha Black-er ah try prove? No man no bigga dan no man inna the music business.

Why the Marleys never turn up for the Shottas premiere?

Wha happen to DMX mek hima behave so pon the people dem red carpet at the Shottas Premiere in Miami Wednesday night?

How Mikey Spice so talented? Him mash up Weekenz on Wednesday night.

How so much entertainer caan travel come up to Uncle Sam? Dem violate too much, man when dem get the chance fi come up ya, and look how much people ah yard waan the chance fi reach up inna the freezer fi mek a money.

Who will organize Reggae Sunsplash next year? Mi hear say ah some new people ah go step in.

Why Bembe Thursdays ah gwaan so hype?

Wha ah gwaan between Vegas and Murray again? Dem part ways again?

Bounty Boxes Rumblood? Wha dat really gwaan ah Asylum pon Wednesday? Rumblood violate and Bounty haffi discipline him in front of him friends. Wha dat deejay?