$1.2 million donated by Capelton to various charities in St. Mary


capleton_awardsStMary.jpgSt. Mary's favourite son, Clifton 'Capleton' Bailey, was honoured recently by the St. Mary parish council for his sterling work in the area of charity. .

Capleton hails from Islington, and who is the brother to Olympian Aileen Bailey, also donated $1.2 million to various charities that day.

He was honoured for his consistency in donating to schools, hospitals and clinics in the parish. He has also assisted the Police Youth Club Sports programme.

The breakdown of the monies donated is as follows:

The Annotto Bay Hospital - $500,000

Douglas Clarke Community Centre - $100,000

The Infirmary - $100,000

3D's .St. Mary - $50..000

Mothers in Crisis - $50,000

Police Youth Club - $50,000

Islington High School - $100,000

Axlum Football Club - $100,000 (among other donations).

Eighteen (18) persons were honoured that day, and were drawn from all areas of St. Mary's social world: teachers, Nurses, Social Workers, Firemen, Farmers and persons who did great deeds. One such person was Lancebert Brown, who was honoured for Gallantry, as he rescued a policeman who was swept away by flood rains.The St. Mary Ministers' Fraternal as well as the four Taxi Associations, were also honoured.

In his address, Mayor Bobby Montague thanked the honourees. for their contribution and urged others to evaluate themselves. He also asked them to be more aware of their history, and that they ought to contribute to community development, so that St. Mary may continue to be the best parish in Jamaica. Special guest at the function was Mr. William Saunders, Board member of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF).