Sika medley featuring Turbulence and Sasha


Turbulence_and_Sasha-YardFlex.jpgThe Turbulance and Sasha clash songs on this rhythm "sell off" because of the buzz in the streets about the bitter end to their much-publicised relationship. Turbulance's 'No Man No Perfect' served as an excellent first blow to comments allegedly made by Sasha during a television interview recently as it mocks the ex-couple's 'We've Got The Love' song, and suggests that it was rumour-mongering that caused the end of their relationship, and declared in no uncertain terms that "mi nah look yu back".

For her part, Sasha replied with 'Got What You Need', a competent rebuttal of Turbulance's comments. There are some choice lines such as 'mi know yuh a man and mi muss get bun, but sex without a condom a careless fun'. But she also pokes fun at him using a man's voice to illustrate how Turbulance tried to justify his actions by saying: "Selassie I Jah Rastafari, a jacket dem a gi I, anno lie I a lie."

Apart from all that passa passa, 'Sika' is a rhythm that is getting a lot of love on FM radio, especially since Kartel's socially conscious, 'Better Living (More Money, More School, More House' hit the airwaves and has just entered the local charts. He has another song called 'Party Ah Gwaan' which has been overshadowed by the previous. Maybe Kartel is really dancehall music's Picasso, who really was better than everyone else. This could be his last hit song as Vybz Kartel as he will be doing an album with Stephen McGregor entitled 'Vybz Kartel Presents Addi de Techa' as he changes his name to escape his contract with Greensleeves Records.

The rhythm has also firmly established the youngblood, Lion Cub as a force to reckon with as he delivers the title track, 'Sika Sitten' in a rollicking radio hit that is climbing up Richie B's Tru Juice charts, and is now at #28. Standout tracks include Natalie's 'Big Things' which has forced radio disc jocks to sit up and listen to this new talent with her ice-cube clear vocals and tight harmonies.

Up-and-comer Millennium lowers the boom on the rhythm with 'Neva Know', Harry Toddler's 'Beggy Beggy' is a decent effort, while Goofy's 'X-Man' offers his take on the Turbulance-Sasha dust-up. Other songs include Frisco Kid's 'Ah That Mi She', and I-Maroon chimes in with 'One Woman Kill Nature', and Conrad Crystal and Sugar Roy have 'Ah Mi Fi Tell Yu'. Heavyweights such as Bling Dawg, Anthony B, Ras Ptah, Hit List and Perfect have recently showed up at the studio to add colour to the mix and even Elephant Man has chipped in with 'Do It Mek She Cry' as well.