Elephant Man, Bounty Killer and Harry Toddler together again - Whats popping


Carlington Wilmot Photos


It come in like ole time sumting come back again. Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Nitty Kutchie and Harry Toddler were spotted hanging out together and joking at a Weddy Weddy session this week. It was like old times when Bounty Killer and the Scare Dem crew were tight friends, and almost inseparable. Will Ele and Toddler and Kutchie reunite to do a new Scare Dem record though?


There are three Mafias in the local dancehall biz. Flippa Maffia, Don Mafia, and G-Maffiah. YardFlex.com did an interview earlier this year where G-Maffiah contended that other people stole his name, and even pointed fingers at Don Mafia, who Don Mafia is contending that he did not steal G-Maffiah's name. He believes that even though there is room in the industry for all the Mafioso, he is the real mafia.

"I wear the Mafia suit, I wear blazers, and felt, I have the mafia personality. Mi live a Mafia Hill, with Muma Maffia, mi spar inna Mafia clan, mi move Mafia units...I don't have him on my mind, my ting bigga dan dat. Nobody nuh own the Mafia name, and some man just ah call up mi name if get a hype," he told a YardFlex reporter this week.

A wah dis? First, it was Spy vs Spy inna the cartoon dem, now it's Mafia vs Mafia, dem artiste ya no real at all.