Tanya Stephens vs Spice - What's popping


Photo by: Carlington Wilmot

TanyaStephensAndSpice_dancehallArtiste.jpgHow Spice just a beat off har chest so hard, and she nuh have a number one tune yet? She vex say Tanya coulda win the Reggae Grammy next year, ah muss dat, because she no . Yu nuh read what Tanya tell the STAR reporter that 'imitation is the greatest form of flattery' and that she surprised because she neva know that Spice know that she exist.

Mi hear that Spice is mad as hell about it. But ah dat fi happen, Spice ah gwaan too hot now, she even try draw di Killa tongue at Horse Man full black show...ever since Killa talk say ah him buss har, and she run go deny it, she just hot fi him, or is because she inna Dave Kelly camp now.

Maybe she just a look a hype offa anybody she can get, but it come in like she de pon the warpath fi the Xmas. Ruffian, yu betta watch out, ah yu next.