What's Poppin' In the Streets? - How Kartel ah wear full white?


Photo By Carlington Wilmot

VybzKartel_CarlingtonWilmotPhotoDancehallReggaeSexyGirls.jpgWhat is De-va Brat's problem? How him ah walk up and down and ah diss up Idonia. Him no hear wah Killa say, from yu diss Alliance, yu get bullet!

Who is Bar-bee, and is she romatically involved with Junior Kelly? Word is that they were very cozy on the set of the video for their combination song. The video is enjoying steady rotation on HYPE TV and will hit MTV Tempo soon.

Ah true say KC Jockey and Sasha did have a ting one time?

Is it true that Flair, formerly of HYPE TV and Music Plus is getting married? Rumours are that is a toppa-top money man from Montego Bay.

How Kartel ah wear full white from wah day ya and him no go Full Black? Something rumbling in the Alliance?

Speaking of the Alliance , what is going on between Bounty and Ms. Ting. They were seen sparring together over the Heroes Day Weekend? The Killer ah move hard roun’ ere, wha happen to Camille Sinclair, that fine model who was once a part of Tyra Banks' America's Next Top model.

Who is Red Rat's new BM? We nuh ready fi call no name yet.

When Jeremy Harding is going to tie the knot?

Who are the one for I-d-d-d-onia? Is it Jodi from August Town, the pretty long leg one from Red Bull or the director girl? What ah gwaan?

Tami Chynn and Wayne Marshall getting too cozy? Nutten coulden go so, that must be a rumour.

Gwaan Bob. Dem unveil a heritage plaque this week at his first home while living in London in 1972 at 34 Ridgmount Gardens, in Camden. The ceremony was a part of Black History Month which is celebrated in October in England.

Big up Diana King who celebrates her birthday on November 8, but mi nah tell yu how old she is.

Big up all the yardflex forum moderators such as sweetT, Mafia, DJ LITE, RubyRed, Sallo and all readers.