Buffilous_Dancehall.jpgYou know that I got the real stories. One of my girlfriends called me over the weekend with some terrible news about her good-fer-nothing man. She say 'Buffilous, I had to kick the nigga to the curb and discipline him as well."

Apparently, as is peculiar to his sex, him ah give ah har bun, but this dawg ah do it extra wicked. Is like the two ah dem supposed to go to a wedding reception together but him get dress and leave her inna the shower. My girl neva miss a beat, she just get dressed, pick up har girlfriend and shot go to the ting, but when she reach, is like him friend dem a block her at the gate. So she spot the rake, but she hold har meds. All the time, him inna one room wid a next gal.

Finally, she see him come out and him and the girl stand up and dem a dance the whole night. But my girl just easy, and she and har friend get tipsy and enjoy demself. A few hours later, him come ova to her, say him waan leave, and drape her up and promise her a shot. My girl give him a feisty reply: "only one shot yu can gimme, and that is gonorrhoea."

Him vex and leave and him gal ah walk behind him, but she go stop in front of my friend now and say 'BEEYOTTCH'. Yu know she did haffi beat har. She tek her forearm and lick har inna her neck, and start kick her like a football. Then, she leave and when she go home, he was there. She showered, and come inna the bedroom, and him just raise up flatten her pon the bed, and give her crazy box inna har face. Afta him beat her up, him ah walk outta the room, but him forget say the gun under the pillow. My girl just feel fi the gun, aim and shot him two time, one in each jaw. The man tart bawl now, so my girl just pull him out inna the hallway, and tell him:
"If you call the police, me wi tell dem say yu a violate Uncle Sam."

Then she lock the door and go back ah har bed. Him haffi call him friend wife who is a nurse fi come deal wid him injuries. Just another crazy episode of love gone bad in South Florida . Holler. Here's the yard news.