Just Ask Ms Jackson - "My man The Hustlah who nearly got me busted"


MsJacksonsexygirlsnude,xxxbeeniemanseanpaulrihannadancehallphotobabycham.jpgGreetings Dear Reader, I just wanted to thank you for the overwhelming response I have gotten in regards to the column, please keep sending me your thoughts and concerns and I will try my best to answer them all.

This is another true tale of mine, this one goes out to Ally who ended up with a great man and avoided, what could have been a life-shattering event thanks to Father God, all blessings through Him. Jah, Rastafari!

Sistahs, sistahs you must beware because yuh have some real wicked man out there!

Shouting out Situation # 2 "My man The Hustlah who nearly got me busted"

OK so I'm on IM talking to my friend Tara the other day about how important it is to truly know your man, know the beast you're dealing with so that nothing he does comes as too much of a surprise to you. Tara's remark was "Do I have a story for you MJ. What about the one you thought you knew but who does a 360 degree turn on you? Cause that's what happened to my sister Ally." Now Dear Reader, I was clueless as to what Tara's sister had been through but I sure as hell wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to hear what happened. So I pressed Tara to tell me more and this is what she wrote:

"This is a story of a negro called "Fowl" simply because the dude is one of the foulest persons I've ever come across and because he's a man with no balls, an absolute chicken to do what he did. "Fowl", cocaine-dealing, pretty-boy hustler that he was, almost got my hot-girl sister busted for drugs, in the UK all because he was the one she trusted, the one who often she lusted for on afternoons when all she wanted to do was get buck-wild in bed. And yes, I know that's a sweet combination, a man who you've got a great relationship with and who throw's it down in the sheets like it's his occupation.

A wife he had and this Ally knew but she would say "he only married her to get his papers, even with their two kids, them vows wasn't true". Well... OK, they did spend crazy time together, sipping 'sex on the beaches’ in Jamaica, bundling up in England not even caring about the cold weather. More so, for three years he showered her with gifts from Prada to Louis Vuitton, yup Fowl was definitely a man who knew how to make that doe in the streets of Brixton. Every now and again she'd bring stuff up for him, arbitrary things, some rum, gifts for his family, nothing out of the ordinary. He'd usually ask her days in advance, but he had only called that evening, telling her it was some bizzy for his sick brother Lance.

The Air Jamaica bus was late picking Ally up, rolling in right behind it came Fowls cousin Rory looking all fly in his black F-150 truck. "Finally, what took him so long?" she thought to herself, as she collected the package and hastily stuffed it into her brand new carry-on luggage.

So into the bus she ran, with her parcel in hand, she was about to go to work, fly to England and see her man. She had no time to search the bag that had been handed to her, besides the chances that it was something suspect was basically like next to never.

At Norman Manley, the London flight was delayed and it was only then that Ally took the package out and felt how much it weighed. She turned the box over then shook it up and said to herself "but wait this don't sound like no bizzy nut?" Opened the package and what did she find? A pouch full of cocaine, seems that nigga Fowl was really always on his grind. She called out to Wendy A. who was working the flight with her - what the hell should she do - her whole body began to convulse and shiver. Wendy A. thought quickly and decided to flush the goldmine down the toilet (goldmine yes, cause yuh done know that kilo a coco go for nuff money on the market!).

Anyway, that night Ally boarded that flight without Fowls precious cargo, she hasn't heard from him since and that was more than four years ago. That's why it's really important Ms. J to know the person you're dealing with or else one careless move and you might find yourself in some deep sh*t!"

I nearly drop dung when I finish read the message. True passa passa people!

Moral of the story: Women don't let the dick confuse you! The truth of the matter is that sweet sex and good lyrics may have you sprung on a wimp who really wishes he were a P.I.M.P. A real man knows a real woman appreciates honesty. Bad enough that you would be with a negro who would ask you to take a big risk and endanger yourself like that but hey fellas, let the chick make her own dumb-ass decision to carry two kees of blow for you and face couple years in prison! Fire bun fi dat dutty john-crow British bwoy deh and all the rest like him!

But not to worry ladies there are some good men out there you just have to value yourself enough to know what your willing to put up with (I'm hoping that carrying drugs for him will not make the list) and trust in the Lord, he'll do the rest, after all my girl Ally well happy now with her new husband, house and car. Walk-out mi gyal, Walk-out!


Dear Ms. J,

I guess some people would consider me to be a skettel or whatever, tell me what you think? Well, I've been with Mr. Personality for the last three years and he is always on the go, he's out the house early and in the studio by 12:30pm, links up with his friends at 4:30pm and from then onwards he's busy doing "everything" including flying out of town to do shows. He never has time for me. Mainly cause he's screwing everybody else including his babymother, who he claims he doesn't talk to, nuff a them idiot female artists with tired careers and one bag a other careless girls that only with him cause he has money. So you know what I did girlfriend, I found myself a man and had his kid and said the baby was Mr. Personality's. Now Mr. P minding someone else's child and I well want to come out and talk the truth and make him a laughing stock. He is a well known artist in the music industry and people think the baby is his. What do you have to say about that Ms. Jackson?


WOW...that's a lot right there! Firstly I'd like to say that if your man inspires you to go out and get impregnated by someone else based solely on revenge, then baby-girl... you need to leave that negro and I don't care how much big tune him do! He is no good for your well-being and in a relationship a woman must put herself first at ALL TIMES. Also becoming pregnant is a serious thing, that means a child is now involved on top of your man and woman passa passa, which usually affects the child the most. Work out your baby daddy drama so that your child is not left without a father. You are trying to be spiteful, you are a woman scorned it is totally understandable, I once trashed my ex-boyfriends place when I found out he was cheating on me (for like the umpteenth time). But my dear, do not sell yourself short to seek revenge because if you understand Life you will see that revenge comes in its own time and it's so much better that way. Anyway, if you want to cheat that's your business if he wants to cheat that's his business, I'm just saying, don't bring another dysfunctional kid into this world Lord knows we've got enough of them as it is!

In all you do, pray kiddo cause at the end of the day it don't matter what me or anyone else thinks of you, we've all got a Higher Power to answer to.

Peace Out!

Write to me at justaskmsj@gmail.com. Until next month, be good to your brothers and sisters!! One love.