KC-jockey_Akon.jpgK.C Jockey is living large these days, hanging out on film sets with megawatts stars like Denzel Washington, and doing remixes with big acts such as Akon. The deejay hung out with Akon a few months and they hit it off so well that K.C gave his energy to an Akon remix, 'Lap Top'

"I was hanging out with him at the Source awards, at that time, SRC Universal who Akon is signed to, had expressed an interest in signing me as well, but they had other stuff in the pipeline before they could get to me, so that hasn't happened yet. Anyway, hanging with Akon was great, he's down to earth, and we had a crazy time, hanging with shorties, and talking about the industry; it was a family ting," he said.

The remix 'Lap Top' was released earlier this year.
"In the last nine months, I have got a lot of love for that song, it got played a lot so I am pleased," he said.

Other projects that K.C Jockey has coming up include a song with Beenie Man, and Kirk Davis called 'One Third' on his own Sweet Sadie label, and a rhythm called 'Mi Can'.

K.C Jockey has recently hired Tesah Linton as his manager.