Madonna adopts an African child


Modona_Africa_adopt_child.jpgOne year old Malawian David Banda is privileged to be mothered by pop star Madonna who has been permited by Lilongwe High Court to take him to the United States of America after signing adoption papers.

According to the Daily times a local news paper in Malawi, Madonna went there to fulfill a number of charitable engagements that included visits to several orphanages in relation to her new project of helping the poor most especially orphans.

The singer latar met David at Hope Care Centre in Mchinji where he has lived since the death of his biological mother who passed away a month after the giving birth.

David's father is 32-year-old Yohane Banda who has admitted that his child was Madonna's choice of an adopted son. He added that he was so happy that his son David has left poor conditions of poverty and hopes that under the the care of Madonna a bright future is assured.

Unfortunately local papers in Lilongwe reported that the singer had left the country with her Husband minus the adopted child adding that the High Court in Lilongwe granted permission for the adoption with a specific condition to observe the musician for some time before adoption is implemented.

By: Senabuluya Frank, African Correspondent