Reggae Sumfest 2018

Buffilous at it again - Passa Passa



Buffilous_Dancehall.jpgThe whole ah New York ah talk 'bout how Channel 9 UPN go undercover at the Irie Jamboree show and start interview the artiste dem 'bout dem stance on homosexuality? Beenie claim say 'funny guys are man who have sex with little boys' but it come in like Buju smell ah rat and just hold him tongue. Now the whole ah New York ah chat 'bout it since the show air last week? Mi hear say clips of it all reach CNN, mad ting!

According to a source close to Irie Jam, there should be no financial fallout from the interviews.

"They interviewed Buju, Beenie, Kulcha Don and Irie Claire from Irie Jam. While the broadcast focused on the gay bashing controversy, I would not say it affected or will affect sponsorship as those who are on board are already aware of the lyrics of our top dancehall djs and do not think the lyrics will incite violence against gays as GLADD would want everyone to believe."

Will the controversy affect future sponsorship of the event?

"On the contrary, I believe Irie Jamboree benefited as the story acknowledged the events as the biggest in the tri-state and it never said homophobic lyrics were performed at the event, just that they Buju, Beenie and Capleton have in the past performed these songs."


Why Carlene and D'Angel caan gree? Carlene still have feelings fi Beenie? Or she just don't like 'that girl' because of the whole situation with Bounty Killer and all that?

Mi no know, but mi hear she never did too pleased say dem move come live right next door to her rounda har apartment uptown. And den dem did start build on a big thing till parish council come stop dem. Mi no know, it look like modeling a gwaan, Dawn!

Mi no have nutten fi say right now 'bout the whole thing. All me have to say is that I wish Beenie and D'Angel all the best. The haters dem need fi sort out dem owna life.


Why Leftside and Esco just lef Solid Agency so and gone ah Headline? Mi no know, it look sticky a way. First, mi see article inna newspaper say Kartel nah deal wid har again, and now this. It come in like some rat ah desert a sinking ship. Tings no look so right ova de so atall atall.


Ah true say Idonia, Mavado and Wayne Marshall plan fi do a tour together soon?

How Kartel ah link wid Hard Rock now instead of Scratchy B?

How Ras Myrdhak career ah go so hard? Crazy interview pon BBC, video ah play hard pon CVM, him ah go hard fi the 2006.

Reggae Sumfest 2018


Reggae Sumfest 2018