Turbulence & Fantan Mojah 'Feud' Resolved - X-Girlfriend


Carlington Wilmot Photo

Turbulence_FatanMojah-DownSound,reggaemusic,photo,seanpaul,beenieman.jpgDeejay Turbulance has denied that he has an ongoing feud with rastafarian singer Fantan Mojah as is being rumoured in the streets after the two had a heated exchange during an IRIE FM show earlier this week.

"I am not into any feud, just into eating food," he said, a laugh bubbling in his voice.

"There was a show on IRIE FM about originality, and the presenters were saying that they had noticed things that I had put down that Fantan Mojah had picked up, for instance, wearing a knapsack onstage and so on, and Fantan neva like the tone of the argument so him say ,'some bway waan backle war', and some heated things were said. Me see him afta and him apologise, and we hold a reasoning. Rasta caan keep up feud, we ah blood bredda. Fantan is a yute mi respect, he is man who ah strive and we love him fi dat."

What about the lyrical feud with Sasha?

"See that is a feud on record, there is no disrespect in it, it is just two of us expressing our feelings on record, that's all that is, no animosity."

Turbulance's new album, X-Girlfriend, distributed by Tads Recordings, is in stores now.