Schoolboy in the United States on a mini-tour


Photo By: Carlington Wilmot

SchoolBoy_P&L_Records_Dancehall.jpgP & L Recording artiste Schoolboy is now in the United States to do a series of gigs that will take him from Washington D.C on the east coast to Tampa in Florida in the south .

"Right now, the people dem seem to be getting to know Schoolboy because they are responding to songs like 'Weh De Belly De?' and 'Banana-na', so me have about three show line up for D.C. Plus me have a song that mi do fi Nikki Z that ah go mash up the place when me return to Jamaica at the end of this month. Right now, people ah feel the mad energy, ah mad ting about to gwaan wid my career because the bookings are coming in," he told via an international call to Connecticut.

While in Fort Lauderdale, he plans to shoot his 'Nanny Wine' video.

Questioned about his recent run-ins with the local cops where he alleged that they had threatened him with physical harm because of his 'associations with unsavoury characters', Schoolboy said:

"The matter is being resolved amicably. I am trying to focus on my career right now. That is all in the past. Right now, music is my only focus."