Richie Stephens wins GG Achievement Awards for Westmoreland


RichieStephens.jpgSpecial big ups to Richie Stephens who is the 2006 recipient of the Governor - General's Achievement Award for Westmoreland.

Known for hit singles such as 'Winner', 'Bus the Place' and the pseudo-operatic 'Slop Dem' from back in the 90s, Richie has persevered with a career studded with hits. Earlier this year, his 'Screechy Joe' song was a minor radio hit, and his latest single with his mom is already a music video favourite on most local stations.

However, it is his philanthropic work that has separated Richie from his peers in the entertainment fraternity.

Over the years, he has contributed significantly to several civic, social and recreational pro-jects in and around the parish of Westmoreland, including the Savanna-la-Mar Infirmary. He has also played an instrumental role in furthering the educational ambitions of children in Jamaican through his patronage of key institutions in the parish.

Richard Stephenson was born on December 5, 1966, in the inner-city community of Russia, in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland. He is the first of five children born to Carmen Farquharson. His mother fought hard to send him to the Savanna-la-Mar Infant, Primary and Secondary schools. Unfortunately he dropped out at grade nine and then went to live in Spanish Town. Even though he had moved, life was still hard for him. Nevertheless, he continued studying privately.

'Stephens' spent a few years performing in hotels when he was chosen by the Jamaica Tourist Broad (JTB) to be part of a tour, as lead singer, promoting Jamaica across Europe.