Lex collaborates with Jada Kiss & Sean Paul for upcoming album


By: Jigga Mattic
Photo By: Carlington Wilmot


After a scintillating performance at Miami Sting, Mr. Lex returned to the island last week to continue working on his album which will be released by VP Records next year.

"VP has finally signed off on it, and they have given me a release date for next year, so that's great news," the deejay told YardFlex.com while hanging out at the Mixing Lab studios.

"The album is progressing well, I have completed seven tracks, and there will be guest appearances by Jadakiss, Mr. Vegas, Buju and Sean Paul, so right now, I am trying to keep the creative juices flowing, and make good music that is marketable all over the world. I want to carry the thing to the level of a pop star, and be one of the top stars," he added, laughing.

Some of Lex's latest releases include 'Do So Gal' on the Flamenco rhythm, for which a medley video with Elephant Man, Kurup and other acts was recently shot, and another hot single, 'Something Fi Chat' on the Black Chiney label.

In the meantime, Mr. Lex's bookings have been on the rise as he has been distributing his mixtape in the ethnic communities in Miami, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

"My mixtape is also doing especially well in Miami and New York. In fact, I was in Miami for the Miami Sting show (September 24th) , and I gave a good account of myself in a nice 10 minute set. I got a couple of forwards, the girls screamed for me....I just hope the media was there and write the real thing...to me, it seemed the crowd was looking for a real hottie hottie deejay that night and mi tek it to them," he said.

Mr. Lex will be appearing on a show in Toronto, Canada this weekend.