The Arrival of Marco Dean, Beenie and D'Angel's son


By: Claude Mills
Photos By Carlington Wilmot

DAngel_baby_BeenieMan_Dancehall.jpgD'Angel a.k.a Mrs. Moses Davis is anticipating the arrival of her first child, Marco Dean, into the world this month.

"The pregnancy has been smooth so far. The baby is kicking like crazy, is like him ready to enter the world to sing the first note for his father," D'Angel told

"There will be no media coverage of this event, and I want people to respect the privacy of our family as we are set to celebrate this wonderful occasion."

Beenie and D'Angel have had a tumultuous couple of months from the moment that the rumours of their courtship first started. After news of the pregnancy hit, the attention around the couple became almost manic, and the media circus continued until the couple wed in August of this year.

Since the marriage, Beenie Man has traveled frequently to the Caibbean and the United States, doing promotional gigs and events to promote his 'Undisputed' album. However, the couple did get to spend several days together in New York recently.

"Sometimes I wish he could be here with me all the time, but I am in the business myself so I understand what is going on, I know it's tough. I speak to Moses everyday on the phone, and whenever he has some spare time, he calls me. He’s working hard for his family and it's all good, I give him 100 per cent support," she said.

She also thanked her fans who have been flocking to her my space address to leave words of encouragement as her due date looms large.

"I log in everyday to check the comments and it is very encouraging, I am looking forward to continuing my career and getting back into the recording studio soon, I just love the positive energy and vibe in my life right now," she gushed.

In the meantime, D'Angel has been working on recording projects. She recently recorded a 'reality tune' called 'Royal Soldier' with deejay Ras Ghandi. The song has been getting a lot of airplay on local radio.

"We plan to shoot a video after I have my baby, and there is a lot of other recordings I plan to do once I have my child safely. This business is a long-term thing," she told

D'Angel also has a song on the new Firelinks rhythm, but that track has not yet been named.