KC Jockey lands minor role in American Gangster Film


By: Claude Mills

KC-jockey.jpgNew York-based deejay K.C Jockey is showcasing his acting chops with a minor role he earned in a major motion picture, 'American Gangster', and he will be featured on an upcoming episode of perennial children's favourite, 'Sesame Street'.

One876Entertainment spoke to the deejay via phone recently about his new role in the Universal Pictures movie 'American Gangster' with Denzel Washington, Richard Core, Russell Crowe, Carla Gugino as well as recording artistes Common and T.I.

The film is based on a New York Magazine article by Mark Jacobson, which depicted the true story of Harlem drug lord Frank Lucas (Washington), who smuggled heroin in the caskets of soldiers killed in Vietnam. He was eventually caught by New York detective Richie Roberts (Crowe), who got Lucas to turn his talents toward catching the crooked cops and drug dealers who profited from his scheme.

"I am in the scene where Frank Lucas (played by Washington) is getting married and also a scene in the Ali-Frazier fight in 1971 at Madison Square Garden, they aren't speaking scenes, and I am just a part of Lucas' entourage. The scenes right now are being shot in New York, but we will move to LA soon, and who knows, there may be a speaking role ahead for me when we move to California to shoot new scenes," he told YardFlex.com.

Asked what it was like to work with Washington, K.C responded:

"Denzel is like a regular guy, normal, down-to-earth, but on set, we caan really be around him, and be like groupies, so we just humble and go through and do our thing. Everyone was in the same hotel last night though chilling and talking, and we used to everything so we no frighten ova nothing, we just hype ova love."

The deejay has also been attending rehearsals for a taping of 'Sesame Street' which will be shot during the next two weeks and air some time later. K.C is building up a nice resume of film and TV credits. The deejay told Xtra Entertainment that he has appeared in a short commercial skit called 'Sit and Chat' for a fruit juice company that will be released in January 2007. He was in a short film called 'Where My Ladies At? which is centred around video girls and how far they will go with artistes and directors to get into videos,.

"The producers are currently in negotiation with VH-1 and BET to pick up the film," he said.

All this film and TV activity has revitalized his music career, and given him a lot of buzz to the extent that record labels have been beating a path to his door, and openly courting him. K.C's stock is rising especially since he has resolved some 'legal issues' and is now able to travel.

"The record labels have really opened their eye and looked at me, especially now that I can travel, the judge has terminated all proceedings against me, and the record companies are negotiating, but anyone who signs me has to take my company, Sweet Sadie as well, because I have been doing it myself, I got myself this far, and they can take me even further to the next level with their money, but I have to be comfortable," he said.

Sweet Sadie Productions will be handling the 'Need Love' project which includes artistes such as Luciano, Jah Mason, Morgan Heritage, Frankie Paul, Leroy Sibbles and Ken Booth, and the single, 'Want a Wife' on producer Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell's 'Inevitable' rhythm.