Buju Banton show will still be held on the same date - October 3


BujuBanton_Tour_Too_bad.jpgDespite spirited efforts by the black lesbian, gay and trans-sexual community, Buju Banton's 'Too Bad' tour rolls on with a show that was recently cancelled being rescheduled at another Hollywood venue.

Head promoter of Jamaican Gold, Jamie Koz, issued a statement to the media recently that stated that "the Buju show has been officially rescheduled for the same date Tuesday, Oct 3rd at a new venue the Century Club".

"The owners there have done the proper research on Buju Banton. Realizing that Buju has already apologized for his actions back in 1992 when the incident was first addressed, they have agreed to let the show go on... They also realize that Buju's music no longer reflects any sort of anti-gay lyrics. His music is spiritual and positive. And that is the vibe that we present at Jamaican Gold. A place for people of all creeds to get together in unity and enjoy spiritual uplifting music. For the record, Jamaican Gold does not, in any way, condone violence against any race or person for religious beliefs, personal preferences or sexual orientation," the statement said.