What's popping with Buffilous - 'Talk, Mek Dem Talk'


Buffilous.jpgRight now, me have the whole ah South Florida popping. Yea, ah me name Buffilous, who the man dem tink fabulous. After mi write mi article 'bout dem dutty life, Jamaica, people get mad, but me waan know a wha do diss dutty #$@% gal? She want a next beating.

Mi wake up over the weekend and go to mi SUV, and me see the whole ah it key up. Mi just look to the heavens and say, a wah dis Faada? Mi know say a she do it, but right now, mi just ah hold my levels 'cause she doesn't want to see me when I am angry.

She knows what I can do. Right now, mi a go pon a one-week fasting fi har, mi just a heights and pray like how the rass dem say. Anno my fault har tings dem miserable and no man no waan her and no man no waan stay too long. Mi a leave har to time.


VybzKartel_Dancehall_reggae_Beenie_Man_Bounty_Killer.jpgPeople, mi hear say Miami Sting wasn't all that. Mi love how Capleton and Beenie performed together pon the stage. After that, Capleton did a solo by himself as Beenie stood to the side and watched. Right after that Beenie do a two minute closure, but my word, the Bi-centennial park almost empty, and the attendance wasn't so great.

For a lineup like that, it should have done better but maybe the misleading information from the organizers throw off the people; that was very tacky on their part. First, Ninjaman neva get the work permit, and then Wyclef went on air and said he was not going, and so there was no support from the Haitian community. And why was there no one from the Alliance? No Killer? No Kartel? No Mavado? But the Wyclef ting was the key thing, everybody wanted to see Wyclef without the natty, so while we sorry it neva come off the right way, dem need fi wheel and come again because the whole ah Florida waan fi see it work.


Gwaan Khadijah. The 19 year-old dancer for singer Beyonce Knowles, won the Ms. T & T New York content on Sunday evening. Khadijah Nicholas was born to Trini parents in Brooklyn. She won sectional prizes such as Best Evening Gown, Ms. Right Attitude, and top scored in the Runway Style category. But mi a wonder if is because Beyonce madda, Tina, was the one who sponsored her why she couldn't lose the evening gown category. Anyway, no bad mind ting, she win US$2,000 cash sponsored by Vince Huggins of National Staffings, NJ, and a ticket for two to Trinidad and Tobago sponsored by Allison Mason of Travel Span. Gwaan my girl. Yu deserve it.


How Mr. Peppa career ah tek off so? Mi glimpse him pon Rap City the other day. Go de my yute.

Why Beres and Freddie McGregor not talking as two big man inna the business?

Why the political tension flare up again inna Mountain View between the 63 and the Saunders Lane man dem?

How Singer Jay ah go look now that Beetle Bailey cut him inna him face?

Bwoy, mi feel it fi him.

Why Beenie Man's 'Undisputed' fall out of the top 100 album of Billboard already?


Big up Tanya Stephens has done promotional appearances in the United States and Europe. The album has got the thumbs-up from popular urban publications like VIBE magazine and the respected All Music.com website which called it a 'thematically cohesive concept album.'

Big Glen Washington who had his US alien resident card restored and walked away a free man from the Chrome Detention Centre. Gwaan mek good music, Glen. Babylon caan stop you.

Big up Marcus and the rest of the South Florida YardFlex team who did a photo shoot with some sizzling hot girls for our centrespread next month. Look for YardFlex on the stands nearest you.