Wayne Wonder is going to be a father again


Claude Mills
YardFlex Writer

WayneWonder_Dancehall_Reggae_Sean_Paul_Beenie_Man_Rihanna_sexygirls_nude.jpgHe waited 15 years, but it's that time again. Recording star Wayne Wonder is going to be a father again soon. Plus, his highly anticipated follow-up album to 'No Holding Back' is due out soon. Yup, things are definitely on the up in this youngblood's life.

However, it is the news of his child's arrival that has Wonder most excited these days.

"I waited 15 years (for another child), but things do happen, and is a boy me ah go fah this time, just like the music, yu caan predict what will happen, but is a boy me ah go fah," he told YardFlex.com with a sheepish grin.

Wonder got married four years ago, and has lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the past two years. His first daughter, Tiana, is 15. He said that it has been tough juggling both his work and family schedules.

The artiste's highly anticipated new album, 'Foreva' will be released next year, and he knows that once that album hits stores, he will have to be on the grind again, and separated from his family.

"Sometimes, for months, me no see mu family, but thank God, my wife is understanding and rate the work that I do," he said.

Wonder's songwriting, producing and smooth serenading have made him a staple in clubs for the past three years and kept him on the Billboard chart for several weeks when his monster hit "No Letting Go" bubbled from an underground sensation to crossover success. Wonder is trying to do it all over again, and he has a slew of new singles including 'Again' and 'Ready for Dem' on the Red Bull and Guinness rhythm.

"We are keeping the streets active," he told YardFlex.com.

Asked what were the reasons behind naming his album, 'Foreva', he responded:

"When people ask me how long I have been in the business, I usually reply, it's been so long, it seems like forever, so that seemed a good title for the album."

Wonder said he feels no "sort of pressure whatsoever" to duplicate the success of the 'No Holding Back' album.

"I am going to use the same formula like in the last album. I am working with producers such as 'Bulby', Delly Ranks, Lenky, Sly Dunbar and exclusives with Birch, as well as songs like 'Leaving' on my own Swingso Records. It's going to be good," he said.

"I like to reinvent myself, and challenge myself a bit by switching up things a bit, using different formats to keep creative juices flowing. Me still ah push it. As an artiste, you have to keep your focus, get real and keep the love that attracted you to the music in the first place," he said.

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