Izes, the man behind the Applause Riddim - Sean Paul's 'Temperature'


Photos By: Carlington Wilmot


Izes_applause-Riddim_Sean_Paul_temperature_Sno_cone_dancehall.jpgSoundcheck, 1-2, 1-2. This Kingston-based beat meister has everyone trying to holla at him, as his dope riddims become the soundtrack to Jamaica's streets.

NAME: Adrian Marshall

Date of birth: 31/08/82

Schools: St. Mary High, and McGrath High in St. Catherine

RIDDIMS CREATED: Hail the I, Global, Applause, Cheerful, Crouch, Pitch Point

PAST HISTORY: "I always liked music, mi come a town after mi leave school inna 1998. Mi used to deejay, miu still deejay, ah so the interest come about. Is like a inborn ting, yu use vidi-controller and a computer, and mek the riddim. My first riddim was made in 1998, that's when decided that I wanted to make a riddim. But 'Applause' was the first riddim that mi release, and it go international. Mi feel blessed, coming from where me did a come form, it is a blessing. Mi work hard."

Izes_applause-Riddim_Sean_Paul_temperature_Sno_cone_dancehalla.jpgPEOPLE WHO MADE IT HAPPEN: Nuff people in the business, and in the streets know that I was the one who did it. Mi used to go Arrows studio, and one of the man dem who show me, Proony, he took me around to some people, and Sno Cone was one of them. Me go link sno cone pon mi own. Mi build Applause in 2003, and have it, and gave it to Cone.

CAREER CREDENTIALS SO FAR: I did Global for Firelinks, 'Heart Attack' #1 in New York reggae charts, Firelinks' 'Crouch', Sno Cone's 'Cheerful', and my personal ting,. 'Pitch Point'. He also did the Applause which spawned the Billboard chart-topper, 'Temperature', and Shane-O's definitive 'Lightning Flash'.

BUSINESS AND CREATIVE PHILOSOPHY: "We ah come different wid the ting dem. Mi no sell project, mi nah do that, mi nah tell no yute to do that, 'cause yu don't know where the riddim can go. Yu can get an upfront money, but that money is not for sale. Your work should not be for sale...anyone I am working with , must be thinking about hits."

ADVICE TO YOUTHS: Earn publishing, control your royalties and copyright ownership

Sno Cone ah real yute, him coulda tek it and say rrrhhh, a mine. But him always big me up, ah real yute.

NEW PROJECTS: I have a song name, 'I Swear' pon the Crouch riddim. Earlier in my career, I did a song called 'Hail the I' on the one-drop 'Hail the I', did a video, hold a little vibe. It neva buss, people know it. We still ah work pon that part of the ting,"

TECHNIQUE: I am not really a master yet at riddim-making, Sly and Robbie ah the master. I use the MPC every now and then, but mi mostly use the computer, if a man mi use the MPC, mi can do it, vidi-controller and computer create a futuristic style, not the basic everyday dancehall riddim."