Beenie Man, Wyclef Jean and Selah for Sting Miami Concert



International recording star Beenie Man and Haitian hip hop star Wyclef Jean and Selah have joined the lineup of this year's Sting Miami concert which is being billed as a 'Woodstock style peace festival', a far cry from the rambunctious, lyrical battle-focussed format that its organizers deliver in Jamaica.

Other artistes slated to perform include Ying Yang Twins, Turbulence, Richie Spice, Ninjaman and Gyptian.

YardFlex have a chat with newcomer Selah

Fresh off a scintillating performance at Irie Jamboree in New York , Selah is aggressively promoting his latest single, 'Lonely Girl' which will be released next week on the P & L Records imprint. The song, he says, is semi-autobiographical, written by a friend who had a failed love affair with a girl in his past.

"Yea, man, it's about a girl who had love but got broken-hearted, but although she needs love, is afraid that she will not find someone she can trust again, so she's very wary of dating and men in general. This is the kind of girl who's very selective, and whose trust is hard to earn, and that's why, the way things are, she may just end up a 'Lonely Girl'," Selah told

Selah will next be appearing on the Sting Miami concert this weekend and will be one of the acts on the 'Tribute to Peter Tosh' show in California on October 20th.