DJ Elle a master at the turn-tables


DJELLE_CHINGOBLING-1.jpgWhile finding feminine faces behind the turntables has become more and more frequent in New York City's ever-evolving nightlife scene, few female DJs have earned a resume that compares with DJ Elle's.

Originally drawn to the cross-fader by her love of blended music and the desire to share her impeccable taste with the carousing masses, Elle (pronounced "el") began learning her craft back in 1998. Inspired by legends such as DJ Stretch Armstrong, Red Alert, Coco Channel, Jazzy Joyce and Evil Dee, the New York City native spent countless hours practicing her mixing skills and studying recordings of her blends. Although Elle is primarily self-taught, she credits practicing with DJs such as A.Vee, Lyve and Ava as valuable experiences. "I still practice with DJs 'til this day," she reports. "It helps keep things fresh."

Although she respects turntablism - and had the opportunity to spin between sets at the renowned DMC DJ battles in 2004 at Webster Hall - Elle remains most focused on getting the party popping. A versatile performer, she is comfortable spinning for both underground and mainstream crowds. "I just do my thing," she says nonchalantly, "Depending on the parties and the clubs I'm at, I change my selection up to suit the crowd I will be playing for." The parties, clubs and

Crowds are plentiful; venues where Elle has rocked the ones-and-twos include The Tunnel, Limelight, Irving Plaza, Sway, Volume, Joe's Pub and BLVD. She's also had the chance to open for such notables as DJ Premier, 9th Wonder and Red Alert and has filled in for Stretch Armstrong and Green Lantern. Some Corporate parties Elle has rocked include Jive Records Christmas Party 2005, NARS Cosmetics Christmas Party 2005, LRG Spring Campaign Photo shoots 2004/2005. Elle also exclusively DJ's all Kareem Blacks high profile photo shoots and has been busy DJing for acts such as Oxy Cottontail and Candace Jones.

Besides spinning at parties, Elle has put together an impressive discography of mixtapes. From 1999 to the present, she's unleashed the

following: DJ Elle#1, DJ Elle#2, DJ Elle #3, DJ Elle & DJ Lyve: The Ill Collabo, Backseat Banga, Live @ DJ Honda's 2002, Fall Back Part 1, Fall Back Part 2, Just Another Day The Ladies' Tape, Mama Mix for and We Run New York. Available at Burkina, Sandbox Automatic, Fat Beats and other New York/World boutiques, Elle's tapes have earned her something of a cult following. "People tell me that they still listen to my first mixtape," she says incredulously, "So I just like getting them out there." Although she enjoys the critical acclaim, Elle credits her success to simply creating the kind of mixtapes she herself enjoys listening to. "I make mixtapes that I would want to hear," she explains of her artistic ideology. "You can't please everyone. But it's a mixtape, so I believe it should be mixed. And the screaming over the mixtapes can get a little too crazy; I'm not too into that." But people are definitely into her work - Elle was recently nominated in the "Best Female Mixtape DJ" category in the high-profile 2005 Justo’s Mixtape Awards. Future projects for the on-the-grind DJ include focusing more on Producing, Making Mixtapes, Collaborating, and Party Rocking.

Talented, hardworking and easy on the eyes, DJ Elle has become a respected figure in Hip-Hop circles and in the NYC party circuit -- and her notoriety will only continue to grow through 2006 and beyond. For more information on DJ Elle's parties and mixtapes, check and