Assassin - dancehall next flag bearer


assassin_dancehall_reggae_photos_beenie_man_sean_paul.jpgAssassin, or Sassin, is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the future of dancehall. Though relatively young in dancehall years, Assassin has grabbed the attention and support that many others slave for years to get.

Biting lyrics, clever phrases and slangs, plus controlled vocals have made the deejay stand out among his colleagues. His signature slogan 'Versatile' aptly summarizes Assassin as he eases through several topics in his cutting lyrics. From We A De Roughest, to How We Roll, to Girls Gone Wild, to Step Pon Dem, Assassin has shown a level of versatility that only seasoned veterans can achieve.

On the international front, it is believed he will become the next flag bearer, with his intelligent approach to the business.

Calm, controlled and collective, Assassin is known to strike heavy blows with his tracks rather than speaking out in interviews or at sessions.

As a protege of Spragga Benz, on stage he is just as electrifying. Assassin has rocked all the major shows in Jamaica and has pleased all the pundits that report in the papers. He has appeared on Sting, Reggae Sumfest, and countless others where he has elevated the energy level of the show and turned it around.