Wayne Wonder records song with Kanye West


By: Claude Mills

WayneWonder_Kanye_West_Dancehall_Reggae_HipHop_Beenie_Man_SeanPaul.jpgFort Lauderdale, Florida

Wayne Wonder recently recorded a combination single with international recording star, Kanye West, called 'Bitter Sweet' which may appear on Wonder's upcoming album.

"It was nice holding a vibe with Kanye, and Tony Kelly was there as well. It was good for me because I was able to see how he did his thing, and his process and I realized it's the same thing they do that we do. Nutten no different. Kanye wicked still, he was full of ideas, and he hears things in the music, and him wicked pon the drum machine, like a hurricane, trust me, him have the 4000 wicked star," Wayne Wonder told YardFlex.com.

Wonder has lived in Fort Lauderdale for the last two years with his wife and daughter Tiana.