COOYAH lands big deal with VH-1, links with Africa


Carlington Wilmot Photo

CooYah_swimwear_africa_dancehall_reggae_photos_beenie_man_sean-paul.jpgCooyah has landed a major deal to outfit artistes such as Fat Joe, lil jon, lil kim, and Common, Ice T for an upcoming VH-1 special in November. Homer Bair, one of the co-owners of Cooyah confirmed that the deal with VH-1 had been confirmed.

"Great things are happening in the music and the fashion right now, and we just have to give thanks," Mr. Bair said.

But even as the Jamaican brand gains currency overseas in the lucrative US market, Bair seemed far more impressed with a newly forged business relationship Cooyah has with the African continent.

"We are the first clothing company to forge a partnership with someone in Africa, we are just trying to support our own, so we have Cooyah shirts made by Africans in Tanzania by the mountains of Kilimanjaro," Bair said, waxing poetic to "As black people, we have to support each other, and that's why they're developing new stuff for us here at Cooyah. Made in Tanzania, that's the lick."

Susan Kreitman and Bair started the brand 19 years ago.