Janet Jackson speaks on Mariah and wardrobe "malfunction"


janet_jackson_Hip_Hop_Beenie_Man_Sean_Paul_Rihanna.jpgJanet Jackson opens up. The singer recently had an interview with Billboard, where she spoke out about various topics, including her newest album, the wardrobe ordeal and more.

About the new LP:

This album takes me to a place where I haven't been in a while: R&B and dance. I give that credit to Jermaine. I like to say he brought the country to the album, while he says he brought the ghetto [laughs].

On her possible Mariah collaborative effort:

We want to do something together, and we're trying to make something happen. However, it's been really tough since she's on tour. But it's something we definitely desire to do.

On JD and others in the studio:

This time it was four of us collaborating -- Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Jermaine and myself. But it was the same process: Everyone getting all of their thoughts and ideas out on the table, then talking about which ideas to keep or throw out. [Singer/songwriter] Johnta Austin also played a part in the album.

On the wardrobe "malfunction":

That's the past.

Billboard also notes Jackson's publicist stopped the wardrobe questioning there.