WHAT'S POPPING? - more passa passa in the business


By Buffulous H.B (hips n boobs)

MsJackson,sexygirls,nude,xxx,beenieman,seanpaul,rihanna,dancehallphoto,babycham_Hips_and_Boobs.jpgWell, this is my first YardFlex column. Ah me dem call Buffulous, the browning with the okubit. And women, mi come fi tell yu to be careful ah some ah dem gal that yu call yu friend. Careful how yu invite some gal inna yu yard, who come roun' yu man and say dem a Christian.

Mek mi tell yu dis, bad mind, jealousy, envy, ah dat inna dem heart and dem no mean yu no good. Imagine, me know this girl, me and har go high school and her mother used to work fi a female politician, and afta me and the girl buck up back ah foreign, she pap down but mi try help her out, and mi start treat her good. She ah go school, me ah go school, any money mi get from mi man, me ge hre some, when me buy clothes, me buy her something nice too. Me treat her equal, yu hear mi Miami?

Now, everybody tun big people, and tings reach me inna life, and end up ah Hell fi something and when me hear from the shout, she ah tek mi good good man. She all breed fi him two time. TWO TIME. She send message to me when me de a jail, say she waan talk to me, but me nah pay her nuh mind. Ah only when mi hear she waan kill herself mi

finally talk to her. When me come out, mi forgive har, and even tun godmother of the baby dem. Afta that, the man, Yap, dead and leave her. But mi tek care of the kids, me send tings fi dem. Then me set her up pon a baller from Bermuda, where ah she get US 10 grand a month, and she stop deal wid me, she ah hide the man from me when she know say the man have a food fi gimme too. It end up say ah buck me end up buck har up wid him fi me get mine 'cause she nah gi de man my message. Mi no want har man, me and har anno the same ting. MORAL: When people ah suffer, leave dem to suffer.

Anyhow you help certain people dem a go pap yu down, when yu help B*TCHES like those, dem tek yu man, and bring pure confusion and destruction inna yu life.

Tanya's album launch in Fort Lauderdale

How Tanya Stephens Launch at the Revolution club sell off so? People, 2,900 people pack up inna the club fi listen to Tanya, and party wid har fi celebrate her new album. The VP Records’ man dem say is 100,000 copies get ship already. She buss the place with 'It's A Pity' and 'These Streets', crazy forward and ting.

Anyway, back to the Revolution party. Oonu shoulda see me Saturday night mi trash out inna mi Jean Paul Gautier, no draws 'cause mi no wear dem tings de fi purpose. Mad tings gwaan. Dre from Renaissance, Black Chiney, Prodigy at the Revolution nightclub in Fort Lauderdale. It was off the chain.


What go down between Beres' manager Mervis Walsh and Capleton's manager Claudette Kemp backstage at Irie Jamboree why dem did a gwaan so? And how Beres so hype? Him get police fi escort him in, and everybody haffi clear the tent backstage at Irie Jamboree. But mi a wonder how him so hype and mi hear say most of his US tour got cancelled.


Who is behind the new radio station, 105.1 that is coming to Jamaica?

When Beenie and Angel ah go move inna the new house?

Why more artistes neva come ah Culture funeral service? Still, dem come show dem love at the concert, we appreciate that.