"Diva Extraordinaire" Nikeisha - Glamorous, Beautiful & Sexy


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NIKEISHA_sexy_girl_Rihanna_sean_paul_beenie_man.jpgThanks to her illuminating personality filled with hit singles such as Party Limers, Tabla Swing, Gotta Do, I found Love and Pretender, Nikeisha, also known as Lady Nicky is multi talented and has been able to mix R & B, Soca and Hip hop and satisfies audiences across the spectre in a dancehall or formal environment, Nikeisha does not limit her potential and is classified as a "Diva Extraordinaire." Nikeisha was invited to perform at the Apollo Theatre in New York Manhattan, which she considers it to be a wonderful experience. Nikeisha lives a glamorous life at such a young age she is an aspiring young student pilot, traveled to Europe and the Caribbean to record and perform, while juggling her career in the financial industry. Her new single "Wolf Blass" featuring Beenie Man recently release and the video will be coming soon.

NIKEISHA_sexy_girl_Rihanna_sean_paul_beenie_manA.jpgShe began singing at the age of eight and reflects at her shyness she brought with her from her Caribbean upbringing to Canada. She favours R&B ventured to try Soca and is quite successful with the transition. She is influenced by such stars as Whitney Houston, Gladys Knight Aretha Franklin and Calypso Rose. Probed by her dad and close friends, Nikeisha cut her first demo tape at age 16 in a local studio in Toronto and is in the process of releasing her second album for 2007, which has a bit of R & B, Soca, Reggae, Jazz and Latin music.

Denise Williams a private tutor showed interest in Nikeisha and helped her fine tuned her voice. Nicky graduated from Barbizon School of modeling which helped create her image and style, this motivated her to compete in 2 beauty pageants placing in the first 5 winning best talent, Miss Congeniality and Miss. Entrepreneur. Nicky gives over 100% while performing. She designs her own clothing and occasionally uses local designers, her clothing are sometimes a bit naughty or nice depending on her moods and always classy and sophisticated.

NIKEISHA_sexy_girl_Rihanna_sean_paul_beenie_manB.jpgIn 2004 her debut album Party Limers featured a local artiste Diamond, was remixed in 2005. This pulsating up-tempo composition with its catchy hook line has received significant airplay on FLOW 93.5 was introduced by popular DJ, Dr. Jay and usually have the party goers jamming. This led to invitations in 2005 where Nicky was invited to perform in England's Carnival, Trinidad & Tobago Carnival where she performed for "Virgo 1" boat cruise aboard the Treasure Queen, Spektakula, Diva's Night just to name a few. Nicky did a bit of fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Toronto on "Cruise the Harbour front" as her mission to give back to her community.

In conclusion Nikeisha remains a favourite among R & B and Soca fans and remains the "queen of Soca" in Toronto to her fans. As for the future Nikeisha will be heading to Germany later this year.

Website: www.nikeisha.com - www.myspace.com/nikeisha1