"The Game respected reggae music" - Junior Reid and The Game -It's Okay (One Blood)


By: Claude Mills

It's More than Okay for Junior Reid

TheGame,JuniorReid,OneBlood,It'sOkay,HipHip,DancehallReggae.jpgJunior Reid has a big grin on his face these days. He is now in New York working on his upcoming album with Reefa, one of hip hops most talented producers. He just completed a five week swing through North America, playing in 30 cities across the western seaboard of the United States as well as Canada. And his combination single with The Game, 'It's Okay (One Blood)', the first single released for airplay only from The Game's sophomore album, The Doctor's Advocate, is generating major buzz in the streets.

The single has recently been added to the playlists of several urban radio stations across the US, and in the meantime, the video has been getting crazy love on BET and MTV.

"The video is being played worldwide. I was really pleased how The Game respected reggae music, and for him to sample 'One Blood' shows that he wants to send a powerful message of unity and peace to the world. There are a lot of things in the pipeline (with The Game), but right now, I am working on some phat reggae hip hop riddims with Reefa, we have completed about seven tracks so far," he told YardFlex.com during an international telephone interview this morning.

Reefa was the one who produced the combination single, 'It's Okay'.

Meanwhile, according to Reid, the song is now #53 on the Billboard charts, and it has been added to the playlists of about 80 radion stations, and is being played on MTV, BET and Rap City....it's blowing up all over'.

"It is getting a lot of airplay on HOT 97 as well, they play the original and then they play The Game's hot single, it has given ´┐ŻOne Blood' a new lease on life, the whole thing just revive," he said.

The Game's 'It's Okay' song samples Junior Reid's "One Blood" and features Junior Reid himself. According to Reefa, the producer of the song, "One Blood" was mixed by Dogg Pound affiliated producer Mike Dean. Although it is not an official single, The Game recently shot a music video for the song, which debuted on BET on August 22, 2006.
The video features revised lyrics in order to accomodate television decency standards. The Game is walking alone for most of the video to symbolize that he is the one blood. There are appearances in the video by Juice, Ya Boy, Nu Jerzey Devil, DJ Skee and even Tyrese shows up in it.