Wedding of the year: Whopping $8 million dollar price tag


By: Claude Mills
Photos By: Carlington Wilmot

Foodatbeeniemanwedding,seanpaul,bountykiller,rihanna,sexygirlsA.jpgThere has been much speculation about last week's multi-million dollar fairytale wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Moses Davis, especially speculation about the whopping price tag. The all-white wedding reportedly cost almost $8 million (us$120,000), and could have cost more if the guest list had not been drastically slashed from 500 to 250 guests.

Mrs. Davis refused to verify the figure that our sources revealed to us but disclosed that it cost "an undetermined sum of money".

Whatever that means.

But even as she basked in marital bliss, D'Angel took the time to thank her wedding planner, Stephanie Taylor, for "tirelessly working, and going all out to make sure that the wedding was such a resounding success".

The wedding coordinator described the wedding as "the most expensive one I've done so far," she told

However, with the pristine venue, the shuttle bus service, the luxury limos, and the super-sized bridal parties. Whaddya expect? Our checks revealed that the wedding had an unusually high price tag. We also

found out that the caterer, Karl Hart from The Pantry, eventually served over 300 guests at the event, held at the sprawling Craigton Estate in the cool hills of St. Andrew, overlooking the capital city of Kingston.

"People typically spend between $500,000 and $1.5 million on their wedding, but these are public personalities who have a lot of people to invite so that's why the price tag was so high. Plus the bridal parties had 11 persons on either side. I have never seen so many bridesmaids," she said.

The non-arrival of Hollywood A-listers and giants in the music industry irked local press, and some journalists were unkind in their reviews of the hyped-up event.

"P. Diddy did not respond, there was no response from Jermaine Dupri or disc jock Angie Martinez either. There was no answer from Akon or Hulk Hogan, but they were coming to 'Summer Sizzle'. Little X had responded to say he had scheduling conflicts and was unable to attend. Wyclef had also responded to say he was on tour with Shakira and could not make it," Ms. Taylor explained.

Foodatbeeniemanwedding,seanpaul,bountykiller,rihanna,sexygirls.jpgCelebrity photographer Jonathan Mannion, who specializes in portraits of famous celebrities in sports and entertainment, was present.

"I have been at a lot of weddings and I have never seen anyone work like him. He was amazing, the way he snapped those pictures, and he was easy to deal with, no-isms or schisms with him, everything went
smoothly," she said.

The decor was done by Annmarie Wyss from Every Blooming Thing, while Maxine Spence from Novelty Party Rentals handled that aspect of the event.

"I am just happy that it turned out fine. I was able to get a little rest this week, and I am now just tying up some loose ends, and I will allow Mr. and Mrs. Davis to get on with their lives," Ms. Taylor