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MsJackson,sexygirls,nude,xxx,beenieman,seanpaul,rihanna,dancehallphoto,babycham.jpgIn this world that we live, in this place we have come to know, there are all sorts of things happening, things that even when we hear about them, we caan believe it really go so!

Dear Reader don't think I forgot I present to you Part 2 of "BABYMAMA DRAMA":

So, as I told you last month my man Two tek up dis likkle boy, and call the yute his own, yes it hurt my heart that this girl gave my man the very thing that I wanted to give him most, a perfect little baby boy, but he begged my forgiveness, admitted to me that 'So-low' was a one night stand and that he was committed to making our relationship work. I believed him, I knew he loved me despite all the bull and hey I loved him too, we were young and I decided to stick by my man. Now I'm not making excuses, other people in my situation probably would have left his ass but I'm Ms. Jackson I don't

apologize for nada, like it or bite it baby! Anyway, I straying from the pass-pass...so fast-forward two years later when Two sister Delilah who live a Tampa and who is known to have a liking for hips and boobs tell her brother seh she want fi meet her nephew, her sweet likkle nephew who she feel so sorry for because Two don't really pay him no mind, she feel obligated to take care of the poor child. Two seh "yeah man, tek 'So-low' phone number and represent for me". Heh, two twos babymama a move from Baltimore go clear over Tampa so her son Jahto can "be closer to his family". So, just how close did you want to get 'So-low'? Next ting braps, 'So-low' and Delilah move in to the same apartment and even me feel a funny way bout it cause I thinking him sister rate him baby mother over me for look how they turn roommates in such a short space of time!

I must admit Dear Reader that despite knowing that Delilah had a strong preference for females and that 'So-low' was in fact "real low", I couldn't entertain the thought that these two women were exchanging bodily fluids, instead I thought to myself "nah they must just be good sistren". WRONG, Two end up have to kidnap the pickney, weh him nuh even sure if a really fi him own, cause 'So-low' and Delilah ban him from seeing Jahto though they’d take his money whenever Two sent child support. And it get's better, 'So-low' is quoted as saying "Delilah is all the daddy my Jahto needs", at the other end Delilah is quoted as saying "I'm bigger than Two when I put on my strap-on so what he goin do about it?". Not to mention the fact that So-low start calling all of Delilah girl them and start letting them know who is....how should I put this 'woman a yard'. I kid you not....Drama.

Moral of the story: Fellas you shouldn't cheat, every girl you sleep with is your potential babymama. And for heavens sake if you decide you goin cheat on us fine ass chicks, do us the favor, cheat with somebody who's got some sort of tact, some shard of respectability, not an asinine wench with low self-esteem who when she realizes she cant get you, starts sleeping with your sister who looks just like you...Yuck! It's the truth though, if you don't believe me just ask Ms. J!

By the way, you can catch 'So-low' on a popular talk-show talking bout her deadbeat babydaddy and how she needs a good man in her life. Come on now girl, be real with yourself, you're confused, cause you not sure if you really want a man or a woman and who knows, maybe if we dress a dog up in a suit she'd go for that too....Drama!

And that my Dear Reader is the real deal. It's your time to tell me what's up!


Dear Ms. J,

I had sex with my boyfriend and my lover in the same week repeatedly and became pregnant shortly thereafter. Then I found out that I was giving birth to twins. My girls are now two and a half years old and what scares me is that one twin looks like one man and the other twin looks like the other man. My boyfriend believes that he is the twins' father and I never mentioned anything to him about my affair but I am afraid he will find out somehow because the youngest twin looks just like my lover. What I really need to know is can twins have different fathers?



Brampton, Ontario


Dear DS,

Let me just say that if you decide to have sex please use a condom and some form of birth control, it really saves all this complication. In any case to answer your question, yes it is possible for fraternal twins to have different fathers. Fraternal twins are formed when two eggs are fertilized by two sperm cells in the same period of time. So, if a woman's ovaries release more than one egg during ovulation and the woman has intercourse with more than one man during her fertile period, it is possible that she will become pregnant with twins who have different fathers. This rarely happens but it could. My advice to you would be to haul your lover to the clinic and go get a DNA test done so that at least you know the truth and can prepare for what may come your way in the future. Be careful though because as the old saying goes "what is in the dark must come to light". Don't forget to pray about it and remember condoms are sold EVERYWHERE.

Have a bless day!

Ms. Jackson

Write to me at justaskmsj@gmail.com I want to hear all you have to tell. Until next month, One love, One life, Jah.....Rastafari!!