50 Cent Looks To Dodge Another Bullet


50cent,foxy_brown,hip-hop,R&B,SexyGirls,rihanna,seanpaul,pdiddy.jpgWhen 50 Cent was sentenced for his role in a melee at a May 2004 concert, judge Robert Kumor told the rapper, "You're a cross-cultural entertainer; you have an obligation to people in society."

That obligation might soon include the G-Unit member forking out big dollars to two women who were injured in the scuffle.

Fiddy lept into the crowd at the Springfield, Massachusetts show in search of an unknown individual who had doused him with water. In his attempts to locate the responsible party before being pushed back on to the stage by security and police officers, 50 jostled with several people, two of whom are now pursuing compensation.

Donna DeJesus, 25, and Taneka Nesbitt, 27, have filed a civil suit against 50 and are seeking an undisclosed amount of cash.

DeJesus claims that 50 punched her in the face during the brawl, while Nesbitt claims that he pushed her down, which caused her to undergo knee surgery.

In the 2005 criminal trial, 50 avoided going to jail for assault and battery and was instead sentenced to a number of probationary terms. He was forced to enroll in an anger management program, undergo random drug testing and ordered to make an anti-violence public service announcement.

ChartAttack.com Staff
—Scott Bryson