Freddie Mcgregor produces documentary about Jamaica and Trinidad


FreddyMcgregorpinkmusic,photos,seanpaul,rihanna,beenieman.jpgFreddie McGregor will head to Trinidad this weekend for the premiere of a documentary he helped to produce that highlights the charming historical and cultural similarities between Jamaica and the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The documentary will premiere on August 31st.

"The documentary is about Trinidad and Jamaica as twin islands in the Caribbean, and attempts to highlight similarities in music, culture and so on. We shot scenes in Trinidad, and in Jamaica, we also interviewed personalities like Sparrow, Byron Lee, Kitchener's son, well-known steel pan people, and also visited an AIDS orphanage, the Cyrell Ross home for children. These are some of the other things we are taking on, apart from music. I am trying to launch into other areas where we, as artistes, can contribute positive things, and this is a personal ambition of mine," McGregor told

McGregor, who has had a very successful Summer highlighted by two number one singles, 'Real Slave Master', and the Willie Lindo-produced 'St. Ann's' which appears on the Big Ship label. The

latter single is distributed by All Access.

"Before I went to Japan to do Reggae Sunsplash, 'Real Slave Master' was #1 and 'St. Ann's' was #2 , and by the time I came back, the singles had reversed positions with St. Ann's going #1, and 'Real Slave Master' slipping down the charts, so things are going well on the South Florida charts. The single, St. Ann is a really good song and is in heavy rotation in Jamaica as well."