Sean Miller/Freelance Writer
Photos By: Carlington Wilmot

HollowPoint,dancehallphotos,sexygirls,seanpaul,rihanna,beenieman,elephantman,nude,xxxA.jpgA couple of years ago, dancehall aficionados were scanning the dials of dancehall-reggae FM radio, searching for a new sound, a new energy, and then 'Hollow Point' hit them. Like a thunderbolt.

Known for the hits such as 'Parro Mi Parro' and the current chart-smasher, 'Who Goes', Hollow Point is not just another artless pop deejay hiding behind a hook. He has got the steely determination to make it in this game.

Born Shevon Toriano Stewart, this deejay was raised between the rustic community of Clonmel in St. Mary, and the middle-class neighbourhood of Duhaney Park in Kingston. He grew up in a household where dancehall personalities such as Super Cat, Major Worries, Nicodemus were regular staples in his father’s cassette player.

He explained how he got his stage name:

"The name has no deep meaning, mi de pon the corner ah deejay inna about 1995, and the hollowpoint bullet did just drop, people just know about it, the armorplate that can fly through vest and tear up flesh etcetera, and mi used to write violent, deejay lyrics, so mi friend dem say, how yu love talk 'bout hollowpoint so? Wha' name so? Mi tell dem and the man dem say, 'ah gunshot name mi ah gi yu' and ah so it happen," he explained to YardFlex.com.

HollowPoint,dancehallphotos,sexygirls,seanpaul,rihanna,beenieman,elephantman,nude,xxx.jpgHP often bounced back and forth between studios and producers for a little while before his cousin, dancehall artist Chico introduced him to his friend Alozade, who then introduced him to producer Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell who made him a part of his camp for about five years. During that time, he had a number of songs released on the Kings of Kings label in that time period including the successful, 'Sitting By The Window'. After leaving this camp, Hollow Point recorded for a selected few producers including the riddim twins, Steelie and Clevie of Studio 2000. Cool Face, another reputable producer, introduced him to Don Corleone.

HP is now firmly focused on making hits like 'Who Goes' which has strongarmed FM radio like The Undertaker taking a wrestler in a headlock. New releases like 'Real Don' on Chris Goldfinga's (of Hard Drive fame) new joint, as well as 'Easy Skankin' and 'Enemies' on noted producer Don Corleone's 'Gully' riddim look to carry on that trend.

"Ah just crazy new songs out there," he said.

HP has upcoming stage show appearances in Connecticut this Summer, at Capleton's 'St. Mary Mi Come From', and said he "may make a cameo at this year's Reggae Sumfest alongside Munga". But despite all his individual success, he still seems to invite comparisons with deejay Super Cat for his laid-back cool, and dangerous good looks.

"Mi no really find no fault with the comparisons, ah the big top dada, the top dog, from dem even compare me with him, mi glad...Super Cat ah de foundation, dem man de set the ting, and mi plan fi gives the business my all, 100 per cent," he said.

Ya heard him, 'Hollow Point' gives his heart. Now all he needs is the world to give him their ears