Mr. Lex lashes out against Bounty, Beenie, Elephant, Kip Rich, Cobra.......


By: Sean Miller/Freelance Writer
Photo By: Carlington Wilmot

Mr.Lex,Lexus,BeenieMan,BountyKiller,Cobra,KipRich,DancehallPhotos,SexyGirlsPhoto,Sex,XXX.jpgTHEY ARE WHO THEY ARE

Mr. Lex believes that the prolonged Beenie-Bounty feud is a ruse to keep them at the top of the dancehall game by choking the rise of other artistes.

"Bounty Killer lucky say him get a hit with No Doubt, and sell platinum, but him struggle fi even sell 50,000 units by himself. But look at Beenie Man, he is the worst at being a cross over Jamaican artiste. How can you be the big man and yu caan sell 250,000 copies and yu a fight to be the king of dancehall? Is a strategy him and Bounty have, every time some other yute get the hype, dem start the war so the focus switch, and pressure de young yute dem," he reasoned.

"That's why yu may never see Busy Signal or Idonia get to that real national level because as the yute dem buss, Bounty carry dem under him wing, and claim say ah him buss dem. So no matter how hot yu get as an artiste, yu will always just be Bounty yute, Bounty's protege, to hell wid dat."


Lex lets loose on who he calls the 'co-stars in the business.

Elephant Man and Kip Rich

"Ele, the half of the hype that Elephant have, the majority of it is me do that. Me give him 500,000 in him hand cash after mi do mi tour inna 2000, Mi give Kip Rich 250,000, and the band members another 250,000, and mi live fi see Elephant get hot and ah run the place and not even look pon me. The man no real. One hand wash the other, if you do good for one, you should return the favour, and even Kip Rich, him ah de biggest wagonist inna the history of dancehall. Me ah go

buss back the place, and show dem how it fi run."

Wagonist is a term in the Jamaican vernacular that means someone who merely hops on to what is already popular or accepted.


"Mi no have no vibes with Leftside and Esco, but dem feel that when me and Mr. Vegas go record 'Taxi Fare', we ah try counteract fi dem song, but there is no animosity, mi not even see dem, me ah star. Me rate dem as two talented yute, who remind me of myself, so mi gi dem dem props, but dem need fi know, mi no counteract man


Me ah try get over it, we have a nice, cool friendship, but mi tink about it, me caan go back de so. Me love har, but she hurt me dog, me have to move on. The divorce soon come through, we ah go split up the things nice and civil, no bitterness."


Cobra is a yute weh mi respect and love, even now. Him ah de first man carry mi go pon tour inna 1996, an across state tour, and me and him became good friends, and mi live fi see him ah try capitalize pon my downfall when Bounty start talk up some oral sex argument 'bout me. As a friend, how yu fi talk 'bout me caan diss Bounty when Bounty ah try wreck my career? Me have him as a big p----y," he told

"How the artiste dem so mean-spirited wid dem one another? Jeez, man. When something did happen wid Chicken and de belt a Miami, man put it inna song, when Zebra get jail, how do you even seek to capitalize on another man's downfall? That's why now certain things ah reach Bounty. Angel de wid Beenie Man, but it is not as bad as it seems, it just look bad because of who he is. Check it, J-Lo left Puffy and go de wid Ben Affleck, no biggie, but with him, it's a big deal, it's just his mind. That is something he should have ignored, that's why it look so bad,"


"Is me and Angel do the first combination together, and the first thing Bounty did was tell her say she no sound good, he called the producer to say she was off-key and say don't put that out. What a yute! If my wife can sing like Angel, I would encourage her, hey, it would mean more money coming into the relationship, everybody's achieving. Me respect how Beenie Man did ah try help har."


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