Beyonce to Marry Jay-Z in November?


Jayonce.jpgWord on the street is that Jay-Z and Beyonce plan on spending $3 million on a lavish wedding slated for November.

According to these guys, the wedding is set to go down in the Caribbean island of Anguilla:

Beyonce Knowles is pulling out all the stops for her wedding. The Dreamgirls star is set to wed rap impresario Jay Z, and the lavish event will come with a $3 million price tag, according to Star magazine. The former Destiny's Child member is planning a late November wedding on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. Guests will dine on $300,000 worth of caviar as well as lobster and truffles and will wash it down with $200 bottles of Dom Perignon.

I'll keep my hands crossed on this one until it's validated elsewhere. Not saying that there's no truth to it, it's just that these marriage rumors have been going on forever. You'd think that by now celeb-gossip media would have upgraded the conversation to how

many kids these two have had together.

Speaking of which, what are you thoughts on Jayonce's latest collaboration, Upgrade U, taken from B'Day?