Dancehall Artiste Spragga Benz - 'Pon Di Endz'


SpraggaBenz-Shottas-Cobra-DancehallReggae-SexyGirlsXXX_Nude-Rihanna_SeanPaul.jpgSpragga Benz is one of the most talented deejays to emerge from Jamaica's shores. He has carved a distinguishable niche for himself in the dancehall industry, and remains respected locally and internationally for his rich and constant supply of hits throughout the years, and memorable performances at leading Dancehall and Reggae events.

From his days of voicing classic raw dancehall cuts such as Jack It Up, to more conscious cuts like Brighter Days, Spragga has proven to the world his ability to give incisive commentary on the topic of the day, or deliver tracks that sum up various situations in Jamaica's diverse culture.

Capitol Records bought into the talent, and signed him back in the 1990s. Since then, Spragga has demonstrated over and over that he has the mettle to maintain a dominant presence in an often cut throat dancehall market.

Observant, witty, forthright, and unapologetic on certain issues, Spragga has delivered chart toppers that are still favourites today. Machine Gun Kelly, Born Good Looking, A-1 Lover, Warrior Cause (with Elephant Man), Inna Mi Style (with Ilano) and Run Tings are all solid dancehall anthems that still govern the turntables whenever they are played in the sessions.

Spragga has not stopped there either. He has stretched his talents into film, starring in Brooklyn Babylon and Shottas. Adition to these exploits, he is mentor and leader of the Red Square crew, a talented team of dancehall artistes on the verge of breaking out of their creative shell.