Nanko_wines_dancerSexyGirls-SeanPaul-BeenieManWeddingNudeXXX.jpgDownsound Records did a three day shoot for two videos, Nanko's 'Loco Amore' and the 'Sika Medley' last week which involved scenes shot over two days in the parish of Portland, and culminated in an exciting alcohol-fueled, girl-crazy finale at the Asylum nightclub in Kingston on day three.

The HWT-based music outfit shot the Sika Medley at the Asylum nightclub on Tuesday. The video features the artistes Harry Toddler's 'Beggy Beggy', I Maroon's 'One Woman Kill Nature', Nanko's 'Step Up In the Club', Lion's title track, 'Sika' and Natalie's 'Big Things', Millennium 'Dig It'. The Cadillac Dancers also developed a new dance move called the 'Sika' to compliment the rhythm.

"The shoot went really well, we got some great scenes, especially with our slate of upcoming acts. Downsound believes in working with young artistes, they're hungry and they have great potential, and we have some amazing beach footage with Nanko in Portland for his solo, 'Loco Amore'," Downsound boss Joseph Bogdanovich said.

Scenes for 'Loco Amore', Nanko's follow-up to his monster hit, 'Lucky You', were shot at the studio in HWT, Frenchman's Cove, Portland Port Royal and in Kingston. A scene was also shot at Morgan's Harbour in Port Royal.

"This video is a sure hit!" exclaimed Teneille Baxter, A & R representative of Downsound Records. "We got great response from the regulars at the club, it was very exciting, we got some great shots, especially a scene where Nanko grabs the mike, jumps on stage and the girls rush him and take off his was incredible to capture that on film."

Xtra News was able to get a sneak peak of what the video for 'Loco Amore' was all about.

"In Loco Amore, which in English, means 'crazy love', Nanko is showing the many ways how to treat a lady, the fine places you can take her, traveling with her in the Caribbean, or romancing her at home. The ladies are going to love this video," Mr. Baxter said.

A young lady called Bouriesha plays Nanko's love interest in the video.

Downsound is known for its breakthrough work in the video field, having shot the critically acclaimed 'Hungry' video featuring Fantan Mojah, and 'True Reflections' with Jah Cure. Joe B, who directed both videos, is once again at the controls. Downsound editor Roger Maxwell is now editing the clips, and the video will soon be aired on local television stations such as CVM, TVJ, HYPE, RE and JUICE.