Beenie Man & D'Angel Change of Wedding Plans


By: Claude Mills
Photo By: Carlington Wilmot

BeenieMan&D'Angel-Wedding-SexyGirls-Nude.jpgA surprise move by the wedding planners behind the Moses Davis-Michelle Downer wedding threw friends, family and media a wicked curve ball over the weekend when they announced that the venue for the event had been changed, and that the guest list had been radically slashed in half.

An email was circulated to previously invited friends and well-wishers which declared that "due to the mad media around the upcoming wedding the couple has decided to relocate the event and reduce the guest list to immediate family only therefore the previously received invitation is null and void...with apologies...".

The modus operandi for Tuesday's event will instead involve invited guests being shuttled from Jamaica College to an as-yet-undisclosed location for the event. The shuttles begin leaving the Hope Road school at 1 p.m. tomorrow.

The celebrity couple's wedding has generated lots of interest over the past few months because of the personalities and stakes involved, and the media coverage has been especially manic given that the couple is already expecting a child in October later this year.

The guest list includes famous celebrities such as wrestling icon/reality TV star Hulk Hogan, recording superstar Janet Jackson who graced this month's cover of VIBE, Jermaine Dupri and other Hollywood A-listers.

YardFlex will be there to bring you exclusive coverage of the event so log on later to be the first to view the dazzling pictures of the celebrity nuptials.