Beenie Man fires Ruff Kut band just days before Reggae Sunsplash


By: Jigga Mattic
Photo By: Carlington Wilmot

BeenieMan_SexyGirls_ModelsJamaicanMusic_Rihanna_SeanPaul.jpgGrammy-award winning deejay Beenie Man has parted ways with his backing band, Ruff Kut, just three days before his performance on this year's International Night of Reggae Sunsplash 2006.

Speaking by phone from Trinidad today, Beenie Man told YardFlex.Com that on Tuesday, August 1, he heard that the duo Twins of Twins, with whom he has had an ongoing friction in recent months, was rehearsing at the Shocking Vibes studio with the backing band, Ruff Kut. Angered by this development, he went to the studio and declared that the Twins of Twins should leave, but manager Patrick Roberts and the Ruff Kut band insisted instead that the duo stay and rehearse. The situation soon spiralled out of control.

"Right now, mi fire everybody," Beenie Man declared.
"Twins of Twins caan rehearse wid my band, inna my place, dem nah back me again, 'cause even dem waan diss me too 'cause dem say if me disrespect Twins and tell dem fi leave, dem (Ruff Kut) ah go leave too. Me ah big man, mi nah tek no disrespect from dem either. The world know say the Twins no like me, so how dem fi waan let dem through my gate, there's no need fi dem to be in my place, but even Patrick (Roberts) tek dem side inna it, so mi get vex, man," Beenie explained.

"Is like the backing band orchestrate the whole thing, dem mussi get a better offer from Shaggy or some other artiste. Dem invite the man dem inna my place, mi no hate the Twins, if me see dem now, mi nah go fight dem, but mi nuh waan dem inna my place, and when mi no like it, the band all ah tek fi dem side. Mi all play the Twins CD fi mek dem hear how the man dem diss me, and the man dem walk 'way, everyman walk way, so right now, me ah look fi rebuild, me dun wid Ruff Kut. Is a new band mi a look fi work wid ah Reggae Sunsplash on Saturday night when mi come in from Trinidad, mi sort it out."

As it relates to his manager, Patrick Roberts, Beenie said: "Him no call me, me no call him, but him shoulda be the one to defend me, me shoulda be his main priority."

The Ruff Kut band has been with Beenie Man for almost seven years.

Patrick Roberts laughed off claims that Beenie Man had dismissed him, saying it was all a misunderstanding.

"I told him I was done with him because of how disrespectfully he was behaving towards the band members, the expletives he was using, and him say, 'yu done wid me, if yu do that, mi war wid you', and then call Irie FM, and say 'oonu waan news?'," Mr. Roberts related, laughing.

"Mi say to him Moses, ah foolishness yu a do, but him start shout 'me ah de king', you know Beenie. But he needs to understand the rehearsal room is rented to the public, and further, Twins of Twins genuinely realise that after what happened in Portland, they need to mend fences with Beenie Man, or else they wouldn't have come here in the first place," he said.

Roberts added that he had met with the band today and that it was still up in the air as to whether it would be "an amicable departure or a continued relationship in the future".

"It all depends on the artiste," he said.

Beenie Man returns to the island on Saturday morning.