Cess Silvera Selects Two Ky-Enie Songs for The 'Shotta's Soundtrack


Ky-Enie_DancehallReggae_SeanPaul_BeenieMan_Rihanna.jpgThe summer is heating up for Big Yard recording artist Ky-Enie. Last week the singer/songwriter had not one, but two, previously unreleased songs added to the soundtrack of Jamaica's number one underground indie film, Shottas.

Scheduled to hit the big screen in nationwide release on September 15th, Shottas' writer, director, and producer Cess Silvera promises a reworked film that boasts a hot new soundtrack. And now we can add Ky-Enie's "Ups and Downs" and "Rain" to the musical mix-up that will punctuate the dramas of Jamaican Top Shottas; Biggy, Wayne, and Mad Max. About the opportunity to work on this project Ky-Enie had this to say, "I met Cess years ago in a recording studio through another artist and from then I always hoped we'd work together someday, and today is that day."

Ky-Enie, is known in the industry for his strong musical arrangements and thoughtful lyrics, as well as his explosive stage presence. Last year he held two spots the Top Ten Reggae chart in the U.S. Virgin Islands for eight weeks with songs "Wings of an Angel" and "Don't Wanna Be Alone". And he is currently blazing the radio stations in Jamaica with "Old Time Tradition", a song that was recently re-recorded on Big Yard's Vintage riddim. In an interview from his home in Jamaica Ky-Enie reflects on the song "Rain", "When I wrote that song about six years ago it was reflecting my hope for a universal cleansing of the racism and gun violence that was really taking over Jamaica. I wished for a peaceful Jamaica and world."

Cess Silvera said of Ky-Enie's music, "The songs moved me. The minute I heard them I knew exactly where they fit into the picture." Mr. Silvera had already determined that he wanted to use this project to expose the Reggae talent that doesn't get as much shine as the usual a-listers. As for his selection process with the soundtrack he says, "I just move on a vibes thing, when I feel it, I feel it."