P. Diddy, Janet Jackson for Beenie, Angel nuptials


By: Jigga Mattic

janet_jackson_PDiddy_Dancehall_SeanPaul.jpgCelebrity guest list? Fireworks? Manic media coverage? Major security presence? You know it must be a celebrity wedding. And unless you've been under a rock for the past few months, you will already know that Beenie Man and D'Angel's glamorous nuptials will be held in August this year, and on Beenie's brithday as well.

YardFlex.Com has learned that the plans for the August 22nd affair are far advanced, but the location will be kept secret until only a few days before the date.

"Everything's going according to plan. We're not planning on doing the wedding at the UWI Chapel, and in fact, only those who are going to get invited will know where exactly the wedding is going to be held because it is not something I wanna disclose right now. What I want the public to know is that D'Angel is a die-hearted entertainer, and whether pregnant or not, I am going to fulfil my dreams. I am happy, comfortable and looking for the best for the future."

It had emerged in recent months that the glamorous nuptials would be a lavish affair held under an all-white theme, and boast a tight security detail because of the celebrity clout of the Hollywood A-listers who could show up. Beenie and D'Angel are mindful of the potential for a paparazzi circus, and are taking steps to ensure "exclusive media coverage", perhaps even by foreign media outlets.

"A few celebrities have already been invited like Janet Jackson, Jermaine Dupri, P Diddy and Hulk Hogan, just to name the top of the top, but people can just look out for just about anyone to show up. For now though, it's just family and friends, and it will covered exclusively so fans can get an insight, even if not there, of what is going on and know they are in our hearts. We're going to have a lot of other events that we will invite the general public to in order to share in our joy," she said.

YardFlex has already received an invitation to attend but we have been sworn to secrecy, so we cannot disclose the location, that is, unless the price is right. Psyche, just kidding. That's all for now.